Admission in VIT and SRM Colleges



  • The question is when and where you want to go? When bad luck favours everything goes wrong. Same happens with the students appearing the 12th board exams. Sometimes hard work too won't favour good marks. Still worse happens when marks drop drastically in entrances such as SRMJEEE.VITEEE, JEE, CET, COMED-K, PGCET etc. Parents have reserved in retail a parcel of future prospects for their wards to become the engineer, doctor or some a management student or a lawyer. Particularly in India the career selection is not determined by the child himself/herself, It is ported out to parents. Also the decorous projecting for a flourishing beginning is not handled a professional counsellor, it is relied upon decision of elders, friends or relatives. In such cases it becomes mustiness for the student to make up one's mind course.
  • Many students consent and obediently contemplate to clear entrances and acquire a redoubtable merit seats in the sought after college. But although some of them clear the eligibility of required mark in PCM for engineering and PCB for medical admissions, but they fail to clear entrance exam posed by board and college or in some cases they escape out the tests. These guys are not eligible for either merit or payment .Then where should these group go to study higher. No to worry there is a solution.


  • And the solution is DIRECT ADMISSIONS........ But what all this fuss is about? Say's B.Tech, MBBS or MBA obviously in top colleges, It is all in the name. So the game follows. And it is a big game involving middle men, huge commission, scams etc. Earlier when fields of engineering and medicine and management were newly arisen to the education world. There was only one criterion and that was merit and good marks. Later with the growth of information age globalization and privatization came into wide picture giving way to fast western culture and modern lifestyle.
  • This started the silicon industrial revolution which demanded more engineers, doctors, men of science, managers and lawyers. The present universities and colleges were not enough to meet the sprouting demands. More engineering, medical, law and management colleges were established. The competition flared up, but only some colleges were able-bodied to maintain repute. They were graded as top colleges in Chennai. To apply for all courses entrance exams were made mandatory and an eligible score in board exams was set (B.Tech-PCM 45%, MBBS -PCB 50%, BDS -50%, MBA 50%).To get in merit seats into top colleges students needed to score bounteous scores in entrances like SRMJEEE, VITEEE, JEE, CET, KEA, COMED-K etc .Due to this a system of direct admission started to meet the competition. It simply means getting entry into desired top engineering & medical colleges without any merit. The candidate needs to pay more amounts to the institution to admit him in. Such a provision for applicants is limited to a small percentage as decided by the government. Here the counselling is done separately. The necessary donation depends on ranking of college. That doesn't mean that all colleges take donation. There are many low graded campuses which puts one across direct admission without merit and no donation. You better need to approach the genuine councillor or education counselling services to know more about the process and database of seats.

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